Acme School - Locksmith Division

Locksmithing is all new to me, way more involved than I would have ever thought!  To be taught by someone with so much knowledge is great and the hands on approach really helped me learn so much.  Also taking the time with each student to make sure we had a good understanding is a real teaching tool and much appreciated.
                                                                                   Andy Heath
As an owner/operator of a shop for over 30 years and a licensed locksmith in the state of Illinois, I am very impressed with the level of professionalism and training provided by your school.

                                                                                    Bob Akin       

                                                                                    Larry’s Lock Shop


The “hands-on” approach and classroom setting is the best educational tool for learning locksmithing and all associated topics.  No matter the background; mechanical, managerial, tradesman, or just a matter of interest.     Brian McGarry

                                                                                   Tishman Speyer


I thought I knew about locks and keys until I made a choice to enroll in your school.  I was amazed at your knowledge and experience. Thanks to your course I am not afraid to tackle anything locks.

                                                                                   John Zappavigna


 I took this course to become more valuable to my company and learn a new skill.  Everything you taught, I use almost on a daily basis.  Being in facilities management, I do just about everything there is.  Now I am able to do more work in house and save the company.

                                                                         Alter Asset Management


The information, tools, books, and hands-on training will be a great asset to myself and my employer both now and in the future.

                                                                                   Michael Tiemens

                                                                                   Bank Financial


I would like to thank the Acme School of Locksmithing for your knowledge, hands on training and overall experience.  I am confidant that what I have learned from your course will benefit me in my current position.

                                                                                   John Hazen

                                                                                   Columbus Regional, Airport Authority


As someone interested in starting another business in a new trade, I found the class to be very interesting and extremely helpful.

                                                                                    Si Gilman

                                                        The Gilman Group     

Dave is a patient and thorough instructor.  If you leave this class without a strong basic knowledge of the field then you just weren't paying attention.
                                                                                   Jose Gonzalez

In the first month the course has already paid for itself.

                                                                                    Brian VanDenburgh

                                                                                    Lockout Express


Acme Locksmith School and Mr. Beranek are a credit to the profession of locksmithing for taking their students that one step further, that one step beyond the norm.
                                                                                    Robert Alpeter

                                                                                    NAF Detroit


I learned more in the five week course than I did in my four years of college.  I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is considering locksmithing as a profession.

                                                                                    Jim Kvasnicka



I would like to thank you for the fine opportunity you gave me to know something about the American way of thinking through your supreme program.
                                                                                    Hidetomo Kimura




Thank you and your excellent staff for an educational experience that far exceeded my expectations.  The knowledge I gathered provided me with such a strong foundation of the fundamentals that I found myself possessing the skills and self-confidence necessary to continue my professional education and craftsman proficiency.                                                              
                                                                                    Paul Badoni

                                                                                    Apex Lock & Key



The course was very informative.  Dave's knowledge is very impressing.  He is very patient and the class is everything as described.
                                                                                    Kurt Crouse


I received one brochure after another.  I researched publications on locksmithing and kept coming up with Acme School.  My decision was finalized when I found that Acme is certified by the IL Department of Education.  The money and time I spent on your school was the best investment I would ever make.
    Stephen Barbee


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